What Are Warts?

Warts are very common and are caused by infection of the skin by the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are several different types of warts caused by numerous different strains of HPV. Warts most commonly appear on the skin of your hands, feet, genitalia, face, and legs but can appear on any part of the body. Warts can also multiply and spread from person to person.

There are no specific medications that directly kill HPV. Also, the normal appearing tissue surrounding the wart is usually infected with the virus. The treatments available for warts are aimed at both destroying the infected wart tissue and stimulating an immune response to help your body fight off the virus. Multiple treatments are available and every patient with warts is different. Selecting the appropriate treatment for each individual helps to get you feeling better faster.

Wart Treatment Options (not limited to):

+Salicylic Acid
+Electrosurgical Destruction
+Squaric Acid Immunotherapy
+Laser Surgery
+Trichloroacetic Acid

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"Dr. Campbell and her staff at the De Pere clinic were great! They made me feel comfortable as possible. I appreciate all the effort!"
- Daniel, De Pere patient

"Everyone was very friendly. The staff was professional in their approach and bedside manner, explaining procedures, treatments and recommendations very thoroughly. I will definitely return!"
- Robert, Manitowoc patient

"Doctor did a great job explaining the process and did a beautiful job stitching up my wounds after the Mohs surgery."
- Dawn, Appleton patient

"I had a great experience and have already referred others."
- Tara, Green Bay patient

"Dr. Maggiolino has the greatest sensitivity and kindness with his patients; it is very easy to place complete trust in him."
- Barb, Grafton patient

"I am very pleased with the results of my surgery, as I have a minimal scar and no pain."
- Patricia, Sturgeon Bay patient

"I have gladly recommended you to friends and family! I was completely satisfied!"
- Andy, Marinette patient
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