Everyone has moles. Moles can have a variety of appearances and can appear anywhere on the skin. They are usually brown in color and can be various sizes and shapes. Certain types of moles have a higher than average risk of developing into a type of skin cancer known as malignant melanoma. This risk is increased by sunburn and other factors. Some early warning signs of malignant melanoma include asymmetry (one half of the mole does not match the other); an irregular border (ragged or blurred edges); multiple shades or colors within a mole (such as varying shades of brown Chopard replica, black, red, white, or blue); or a mole that is larger than a pencil eraser in size. If a mole displays any of these signs, it should be looked at promptly by a dermatologist. It is also recommended to have moles evaluated that are showing signs of change, or if you have a higher than average number of moles on your body.

Mole Treatment Options (not limited to):

+Surgical Excision
+Shave Removal

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"I had a great experience and have already referred others."
- Tara, Green Bay patient

"I am very pleased with the results of my surgery, as I have a minimal scar and no pain."
- Patricia, Sturgeon Bay patient

"Dr. Maggiolino has the greatest sensitivity and kindness with his patients; it is very easy to place complete trust in him."
- Barb, Grafton patient

"Dr. Campbell and her staff at the De Pere clinic were great! They made me feel comfortable as possible. I appreciate all the effort!"
- Daniel, De Pere patient

"I have gladly recommended you to friends and family! I was completely satisfied!"
- Andy, Marinette patient

"Everyone was very friendly. The staff was professional in their approach and bedside manner, explaining procedures, treatments and recommendations very thoroughly. I will definitely return!"
- Robert, Manitowoc patient

"Doctor did a great job explaining the process and did a beautiful job stitching up my wounds after the Mohs surgery."
- Dawn, Appleton patient
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