Living with Skin Cancer

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Colonel Brian Cundiff: Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin Skin Cancer Patient

Detect it. Check it.

Colonel Brian H. Cundiff was first diagnosed with skin cancer in 2005.  When he first found out, he thought he’d tackle it like other things he had faced in his life.  He confronted it head on.

“When you catch it early, it is not to worry,” said Colonel Cundiff. “Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin will take great care of you and with Mohs surgery they make sure to remove all affected areas in just one visit.”

Colonel Cundiff is a native of Crandon, Wisconsin who graduated from St. Norbert College in 1961.  He was commissioned through the ROTC program as a distinguished military graduate and his career spanned 30 years in the military serving as a rifle platoon leader, company commander, advisor, executive advisor, assistant professor of military science, operations officer and Deputy Chief of Staff for operations before retiring in spring of 1991.  Winning a number of awards, ranging from the distinguished service cross, purple heart, Vietnam service medal and many more; Colonel Cundiff is a highly accomplished individual who can be looked up to.

In the past eight years, Colonel Cundiff has been diagnosed six times with skin cancer and will be having his latest procedure taken care of in late March, 2013, but he says, for him it is just the norm to now have constant skin check-ups as he gets older and taking into consideration his surroundings throughout the years.

Certain types of people are more susceptible to getting skin cancer.  For example; having light hair and light skin or in Colonel Cundiff’s instance the environment he was brought up in such as being outdoors or in a highly volatile surrounding ,etc.  It is very important to be aware of these types of warning signs and make sure to see a dermatologist annually to be monitored, even at a young age.  Treatment is more successful and less painful when detected early.

Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin offers Mohs surgery because they feel their patients deserve the most thorough and effective skin cancer removal possible and the comfort of knowing when they leave the clinic the day of their surgery, the cancer is gone.  Mohs surgery has a cure rate above 99 percent.  Mohs fellowship provides the best training available in skin cancer surgery, cutaneous oncology and subsequent cosmetic reconstruction.

“I have been very satisfied with my experience having Mohs surgery and the doctors that took care of me; my skin cancer was always gone after one visit and every time it was a fast procedure where I felt no pain and was very happy with the results,” said Colonel Cundiff. “I have stayed with Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin because they not only treat me like family but they look after me and monitor me; it’s just like going down town.”  He comes in every three-six months for routine check-ups.

It is important to Colonel Cundiff to help others by spreading the word about skin cancer and the importance of early detection.

Colonel Cundiff said, “If you have an area of concern on your skin, please don’t wait to get it checked and remember to follow-up with any recommended treatment.”

Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin treats all types of skin cancer and the invasiveness may vary from patient to patient.

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